How to Choose Your Hoop

Three options for your custom fit

1/2″ Diameter – Thin & Light Hoop
For Children (ages 2 and up) and advanced hoopers of all ages. Great for fitness, tricks, dance and games.












3/4″ Diameter
Medium Thickness & Weight Hoop

For Average Weight Adults, Youths and Beginner Children who need the heavier hoop advantage. Great for Fitness, Stretching, Dance, etc.
















1″ Diameter “Cadillac”
Thick and Heavy Hoop

For Fuller Figure Adults & Children, Games, and The Ease of Hooping



Measures at or slightly above your navel

Child-age 2-3 yrs / hand
22 – 26” / X-Small

Child-age 4-6 yrs / Performers
28 – 32″ / Small

Child-age 7-11 yrs / Adults 4’10”-5’2″
34 – 38″ / Medium

Child/Adult Height 5’3″ – 5’6″
39 – 43″ / Large

Child/Adult 5’7″- 5’10” and/or Thick Waist
44 – 48″ / X-Large

Adults 5’11”-6’2″ and/or Full Figures
50 – 54″ / MAMBO

Adults 6’3″-6’6″ and/or Fuller Figures
56 – 60″ / SUPER MAMBO























Hoops that are larger, thicker and heavier are great for beginners and fuller figures because

the added size & weight gives the hoop more momentum as it moves around you

making it easier to keep the hoop up.



Hoops that are smaller, thinner and/or lighter, are for average weight children and advanced adults & performers.

Because of the small size and light weight, it takes more energy to gyrate and keep in motion, making it great for performers and dancers that need a thin, light, hoop for quick movement hooping, tricks and dance.





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