Types, Colors, Sizes

Basic   “CLASSIC HOOP                                                               Fancy   CRYSTAL HOOP Includes up to four vinyl colors                                                 Includes one bling, one vinyl,                                                                                                                       two grip trim and *crystals for Add extra vinyl to increase hoop weight                               for sound.                       *optional
Vinyl COLORS                                                                                       Bling COLORS

Blues, Pink, Purple, Violet, Red, White,                                               Blues, Pink, Fluorescents, Red, Yellow, Orange, Teal, Green, Black and White                                    Purple, Violet, Greens, Gold, Silver,    additional wraps may be added for a heavier exercise hoop              Teal, Fuchsia, Orange, Yellow, Black   (additional rate of $5.00 applies                                                        Bling Types _______________________________________   Glitter, Sequins, Metallic Mirror, _______________________________________   Holographic & Prismatic  and ….. _______________________________________   Glow in the Dark


Hoop SIZE / HEIGHT                

X-Small     Small        Medium        Large              X Large          Mambo          Super Mambo      22-26”      28-32”    34-38″         39-43″          44-46″         48-52″          54-60″                  Age/Height                                                                                                                                         2-3               4-5            6-9                 10-Adult        10-Adult        10-Adult        7-Adult                 2-3′              3-4′          4-5’2″           5’4″-5’5″      5’6″-5’9″     5’10”-6′        4-6’+

Hoop Diameter/ Thickness

1/2″                                                       3/4″                                                       1″                                               Children                                              Full Figure Children                      Full Figure Adult Advanced Adult                                Average Weight Adult                   Fitness/Work-out  Dance                                                    Fitness Work-out                          Dance                                  Tricks                                                   Dance                                                                                         Games                                                  Tricks

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