Hoop Information

How to Choose Your Hoop

When Your hoop is standing up against you, it should measure at or slightly above your navel.

BEGINNERS may choose a taller, thicker and/or heavier hoop. Taller and/or heavier hoops, take less momentum/energy to keep it up and in motion. Our X-Large and Mambo Hoops are great for taller and/or full figure adults.

ADVANCED Hoopers, Dancers, Children, etc. may choose a thinner, lighter and/or shorter hoops for hooping, arms, legs, dance and tricks. The smaller and lighter the hoop, the more momentum/energy it takes to gyrate and keep in motion.

How to Hoop

IMG_6661Hold your hoop level around your waist against the small of your back.

Put one foot slightly ahead of the other

Wind your body up to the left or right

Push hoop back around your waist opposite direction and begin shifting your weight back and forth to keep the hoop in motion (pelvic rock-you’ll feel your stomach muscles working :-).



Once you have mastered hooping around the waist, work other parts of the body, hips, buttocks, legs, arms, chest, etc.

Spin your hoop above your head, out to the side, spin and stretch it out to tone and strengthen your arms.

Tuck arms in your hoop against sides, allowing contact with wrists and arms, increase momentum with circular shoulder & upper torso movement to move hoop up to chest. Add a little turn for more momentum.  Move one shoulder at a time up & down to keep hoop positioned at chest.

Hoop stretch and Breathe

IMG_5819Warm-ups that include yoga-style stretching and breathing exercises partner beautifully with your hoop aerobic routine.

Incorporate Yoga & Aerobics into your hoop routine for a joyful and invigorating full body & spirit treat. It’s a simply and fun way to burn calories, tone and strengthen core and muscles.

Start at your own pace and gradually increase hooping time each day. Most people who practice hooping regularly may notice positive changes in their bodies within just a few weeks so it’s a good idea to take measurements before you start and measure every couple of weeks to watch your progress. 🙂


Hoop Dance/Aerobics



 Let go and let it flow. Dance.


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