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IMG_4516WE LOVE TO SHARE ……. We bring a variety of our Sunshine Hoops in sizes X-Small through Super-Mambo to your School, Hospital, Market, Party, Etc., for Everyone to Experience and Enjoy.     This is a chance for Adults & Children to learn, build confidence, dance and play together.

Have Fun Learning Hoop Technique, Dance,  Games, Invigorating  Stretches, Aerobic Exercises, Lunges and more, with “Sunshine Hoops”

IMG_7549Sunshine Hoop Parties                                          Hoop Dance Performance, Tutorials and Games

  • Have Fun Learning Hoop Technique, Dance and Tricks
  • Hoop Games
  • Super Mambo Hoop Jump
  • Super Mambo Tandem Hoop
  • Limbo
  • Staff Balancing
  • Races
  • Puppets
  • Water Blasters and Balloons

Winners of our challenges may receive a Sunshine Hoops Award Certificate including $ 5.00 off the purchase of their very own Sunshine Hoop!

Hoop Party Rates

1.0 hrs: $180.00

1.5 hrs: $240.00

2.0 hrs $300.00

$100.00 add’l hour following 2nd hour

(add’l rates apply if traveling over 25 miles to and from party location.)

The fun and dancing isn’t  over yet  (optional Craft)

Each person can choose from rainbow of dazzling colors to make their own “Sunshine-Dance-Stix”  to take home for a keepsake of good time memories.

If anyone chooses, after decoration is complete, each person may add Himalayan Crystals inside their dance stix for sound and can include their own positive energy, thought, prayer, memory, song, anything that makes them feel Good/Happy)

$5.00 per Person/Craft (optional)

WAIVER: Exciting moments and meant to be captured, so smile or just say no thank you, you may be photographed and/or filmed/ video recorded, by Sunshine Hoops which may be used for publicity and/or publications. We are in no way held responsible for any injuries of any sort at any time. Companies, individual or organization and all related individuals shall indemnify and hold harmless Sunshine Hoops, and all related persons and entities including owners, directors, management personnel, employees, contractors, volunteers, agents, representatives, and attorney from and against any and all claims, demands, actions, liabilities, damages, losses, costs, and expenses (including attorney fees, court costs, and any other professional fees), or judgments arising out of , or in connection with any claim, demand or action made by any third party, if such are sustained as a direct or indirect consequences of participation of any event with Sunshine Hoops.

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